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Services for Lawful Permanent Residents

U.S. Permanent Resident Status Maintenance

Many permanent residents, for either professional or personal reasons, need to spend extended periods outside of the United States.  If their absences from the United States are prolonged (sometimes as little as six months) they risk losing their green cards.

Click here to learn how you can, as a U.S. permanent resident, apply for a U.S. re-entry permit prior to your departure from the U.S.

Abandonment of Permanent Resident Status

There are circumstances when a permanent resident no longer intends to return to the U.S. and/or reside permanently in the United States.  In these situations, it may be appropriate for the individual to abandon their permanent resident status.

Click here to learn about the many steps involved in the process of abandoning permanent resident status.

Lost Green Cards while Abroad

The U.S. Embassy can issue a transportation letter to allow a permanent resident to return to the U.S. in circumstances where their permanent resident card has been lost, stolen, or mutilated.

A transportation letter can only be issued to permanent residents who are returning to the United States after an absence of less than one year. Click here to learn how to apply for a transportation letter.

Returning Resident Visa

A permanent or conditional resident who has been outside the United States for more than one year may be eligible for a returning resident visa if they can prove that they left the U.S. with the intention of returning, have not abandoned their permanent resident status, and are returning from a temporary visit abroad.

Click here to learn about the forms you need to file, and where you need to file them, to obtain a returning resident visa.

Processing Services for Lawful Permanent Residents

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